The Seed Deed: FAQ

How do I request seeds? How do I donate seeds/ time/postage/etc?



Who can donate? Who can request?

  • Anyone can donate! Not just seeds, check out the list of needed items below.
  • People in need can request.  What constitutes as need? Well, use your best judgment. If you hit a rough patch or have circumstances that would otherwise prevent you from getting seeds to start your garden– this is the option for you! A sample of people who may qualify for seeds: Those on disability, people that are ill or a recent illness has set them back, elderly, medically retired veterans, single parents, those having difficulty making ends meet, new parents, and anyone else going through a rough time that needs a hand up.

Donation Question: What types of seeds? How many seeds?

  • There aren’t too many or too few to send- send what you can and anything is appreciated.
  • We are trying to stick to edibles- veggies, fruits, and herbs.  However, if you wanted to send a few flowers, gourds, luffa, etc to bring joy to the receipients- go for it!
  • We have had a big interest in medicinal herb seeds. If you have any to spare, please send. (Legal ones only please)

Seed Packaging

Here are a few ideas of what to include in your seed packaging:

  • Type
  • Variety
  • Origin ( if known)

Optional but helpful:

  • Date Harvested/ Packaged for 20XX ( very helpful but I know a lot of swap packs don’t have it)
  • Growing instructions
  • Suggested USDA zones

You may keep seeds in the packaging from swaps just to keep it easier.

Why do I have to fill out a form to donate or request?

  • Accountability: If it ever comes in to question, I can show who I’ve received from and who I’ve sent to
  • Tracking: At some point, I would like this to become a nonprofit. To see where we are- how many donations and requests we’ve received and processed is very helpful in deciding when this is possible.

What does TheSeedDeed need? ( To donate any of the following please fill out  donation form

  • Seeds, of course!
  • Stamps for return postage. The packages are going to be $3.50 or more per padded mailer. If we help 100 people, that’s $350 and I can’t cover that cost on my own. I do have a limited supply of mailers for now but eventually, if someone is willing to have some sent from Amazon or something, that would be wonderful.
  • Samples- If you run an Etsy shop or similar that has something small that you’d like to send to brighten someone’s day, feel free to send.  ( some ideas- soap, plant labels, etc)
  • Time: I don’t know what is needed until we get further in the project but please indicate of the form that you are willing to donate time. Perhaps time spent will be organizing, handwriting thank you notes, creating forms, helping track, research about specialty diets ( autoimmune protocol, anti-inflammatory), etc.
  • Special Skill: Herbalist, Graphic Designers, Professional/ Expert Social Media Folks, Seasoned Gardeners/ Master Gardeners to answer questions from recipients of seeds– someone from each zone would be amazing, Anyone with a medical or nutritional background with knowledge of specialty diets such as autoimmune protocol and anti-inflammatory diet- among others.
  • Small gardening items to send in packages ( nothing heavy please): jiffy pellets, gloves ( Dollar Tree has great ones)

If I submit a request will you be tagging me in a post or making my information public?

No identifying information will be shared. Your name, address, screen name/handle, email, etc will not be made public unless you wish to share your experience with The Seed Deed. What may be shared is information pertinent to filling your request. If you requested autoimmune protocol seeds I may tell the group ” We have a request for autoimmune protocol seeds” or ” We have a request for medicinal seeds for the following conditions: lupus, arthritis & fibromyalgia”


Any other questions, please contact The Seed Deed directly:



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