How to Surprise Yourself with an Escape

We’ve all been there. You talk at length to your partner, friends or family about where to go on the next vacation. The beach! The mountains! The city! So many opinions, the pros and cons are thrown out rapidly from all sides. Do you flip a coin? Cave in? No more! Pack Up + Go has a mechanism to curate a surprise 3-day Escape for you.

First, you must decide if you would like to go on a road trip or travel by plane/train/bus. Then, select the budget per person. Next, you reach the survey portion of the reservation. Indicate the dates, type of trips you like, activities you enjoy , special event , dietary restrictions and traveler information.


Survey Screenshot:





A week before your trip you will receive an email with all the pertinent information– weather report for your destination, recommended packing list, luggage size restrictions, and a general idea of where to go ( Union Station, 8am, Saturday)

You will receive and envelope in the mail with your destination (Don’t open it until you get to where the email told you to go!) directions to get there (road trip), transit reservation (if applicable), accommodation reservation, recommendations for roadside attractions ( road trip option), and curated map of recommendations for your destination.

This resonates with the adventurer in me and I can’t wait to try it!

UPDATE (5/19/2016): Due to the overwhelming popularity, there is currently a waitlist!!





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