My 3 Favorite Florida Keys Beaches

Although I haven’t managed to go to all the beaches that are in the Keys, I do have a few that are my favorites. Here are my 3 favorite beaches and why I love them ( and also a few notes about what to know before you go).

#3 Anne’s Beach, MM73

Anne’s Beach, named after a local environmentalist, is my favorite place to stop on the way down and way up the back to the mainland. Going North it is my final taste of the Keys before I must return to reality.  It is dog friendly, eeerrr, at the very least we’ve never been stopped from taking our pups. The calcium carbonate (“white sand”) makes the perfect backdrop for the tranquil, turquoise water.  The water is shallow and has been calm every time I have stopped from what we gathered from locals, this is the norm. On a few lucky occasions we got to watch kite boarders gliding across their playground. There is a boardwalk that connects the two parking lots that are a good pace a part and there are steps that go down into mini mangroves with paths to the beach. This beach provides awesome wildlife watching opportunities.

Reader Beware: It is not a giant expanse of beach. It is a sliver. A totally pristine sliver of paradise. It is shallow. It’s depth or lack there of is good or bad depending on what you are going for. This is not the place to snorkel…. you can see straight down and there isn’t much to see on the sea floor.


#2 Fort Zachary State Park

Fort Zachary State Park is an interesting place.  Parts of the beach are very rough with shells and coral but there are sandy areas and plenty of shade with picnic tables. If you would actually like to swim, this is a great beach. The water gets very deep, very quickly so please do be mindful when taking children. The colors the water is capable of are breathtaking, and if you want to layout this beach is a great option– it’s surprisingly large. Between the shade options, the ability to actually swim, the location ( actually IN Key West), and the overall beauty this is a great choice for a beach day or even just a quick dip  while in Key West.( keep your receipt for admission all day).

Note: There is an admission fee to get into Fort Zachary State Park.


#1 Bahia Honda State Park, MM37

Bahia Honda State Park is my absolute favorite place in the Keys. It is beautiful, laid back, and has both shallow and deep options. There are several beaches that are both on the Gulf of Mexico AND the Atlantic Ocean. This beach has everything that you could want. There are additional things to check out while here such as the old rail bridge, trails, butterfly garden and for an additional cost they offer kayak rental and snorkeling trips.


Note: There is a charge for admission at Bahia Honda State Park.



If you have any suggestions, additions or you’re wondering about another beach down there please feel free to comment or email


Thanks for wandering with me.

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