Drink Local: Mully’s Brewery

This was originally posted 11.30.2013 on an old blog of mine. It was then pasted over for everything to be in one place!

Mully’s Brewery¬†is a new craft beer brewery that opened in my neck of the woods. Well, I like drinking and I like local so there was only one thing to do. Drink! At Mully’s they put a little bit of love in every glass. On this adventure, I had Chase in tow ( as previously mentioned on the blog–the best friend). We walked into a quaint but inviting bar that had the ‘Skins playing on the TV– clearly they must be good people.

Back of Bar

We take a seat and get 6 poker chips– one for each tasting. Working from lightest to darkest the bartender spilled the beans–or should I say hops– about a truly delicious option for the 6th tasting, the “Dirty Banana”. This is essentially a Mully’s half/half or Black and Tan. It is a mixture of the Carmelite Wheat and the Shucker Stout. Then, there was a choir of angels singing an Hallelujah chorus as I sipped (read:chugged) that delicious sample. My new favorite of all time.

Poker Chips for Samples

At the time I visited, the tasting and tour only set me back $5. Well worth it for the generous samples and great tour by the Brewmaster (can’t think of his name for the life of me– I must start writing this down, especially while drinking). The tour included interesting tidbits of what goes into the beer making process as well as brief German lessons–on beer making vocabulary so that you are not hopelessly lost.

Before leaving, there was a little bit of shopping left to do. One of my friends would love this place, but what should I get him? They had me covered! They were running a special for a growler with a certificate for filling + 2 pint glasses for $20. Perfect!
Awesome Gift!

It was an expensive way to spend a Saturday afternoon that I wouldn’t trade for anything!


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